All type of Tampoprint A.G.Germany Pad Printing Machines are available with us like Pneumatic Standard Pad Printing Machines- sealed ink cup 60, sealed ink cup 90, sealed ink cup 130. Hermetic series Pad Printing Machines- Hermetic 6-11 Economy, Hermetic 9-11 Universal, Hermetic 150 (electromechanical). Standard V-DUO-series- V machine- 60/ 90/ 130(Very high capacity pad printing machines), V- 60/ 90 DUO "Hermetic - System". Standard Concentra Pad Printing Machines series- Semi-automatic, Automations, fully-automation, Standard TQS Pad Printing Machine. We also authorized distributor of RUCO: Pad Printing Inks, Screen Printing inks, UV Screen Printing Inks, UV Offset Printing Inks, Gravure & Flexographic inks. We also authorized distributor of JUJO: Screen Printing Inks(Solvent Based), Screen Printing Inks(UV Cure), UV Clear inks, Jelcon inks, and also authorized distributor of MERLIA: Battery Inks, EVA Inks, PP Syringe Inks and Specialized Inks & Paints. We also Supply Consumables: Pad Printing Plates/Cliches, Printing Pads, Engraved Roller, Rubber Roller, Corporate and Personalized Gifts etc.
Spinks India Pad Printing Machines
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SPINKS INDIA: Our strategy is very simple global products with best quality for Indian subcontinent and middle east at economical prices.
How to Choose Tampoprint Pad Printing Machines
Why you Select Tampoprint machines and Right Inks
Technology from world's best Tampographic company.
Excellent even for automations
Variable tampon stroke
Many potential uses in industry.
Rejections are reduced to absolute minimum. More Info..
The Founder of Pad Printing Technology
Mr. Wilfried Philipp Inventor of Pad Printing technology & Founder of Tamponprint, A.G.
History of Pad Printing
Concentra 140 Six Color Machines
Concentra 140 six color
The various “Concentra” models available provide numerous application options. "Concentra" 140 six color pad printing machine and other available "Concentra" machine series are excellent as a stand-alone solution but also is semi and fully automated systems, they have a wide wide field of application. More Info..
Automation HSC Machines
YOUR round parts DESERVE.... OUR all- AROUND- printing!

The fastest 1-colour printing machine in the world

  • 1-colour printing with flawless finest texts and graphics on the circumference.
  • Extreme output of 20.- 40.000 parts / h, 1-colour
  • Cylindrical parts with a diameter of 2 mm - 30 mm More Info


pad printing machines
Pad Printing Machines

We have different type Pneumatic & Hermetic pad printing machines you can select your machine according to your applications.

  • Pneumatic Pad Printing Machines
  • Hermetic Pad Printing Machines
More Info..
Laser Marking Machines
Laser Marking Machines

Marking and Deep engraving lasers "European Quality Indian Price" . Precision marking and engraving machines from markolaser are excellent in price performance ratio.

To know more about our laser machines Click Here..

Automatic Printing Machines (Automation)
Automation is a Intelligent use of Electronics, Pneumatic and Mechanical components to control and operate industrial machines to minimize or replace human operators for a special purpose application. We Spinks India & our principal Tampoprint have the knowledge and experience in the field of automation. To design your automation kindly contact us or visit our automation pages.
Inks (Pad Printing Inks, Screen Printing Inks, UV Screen Printing Inks)

We, at Spinks India, are the importers and suppliers of various products of various companies in India. We are also the authorized distributors of the companies :
1. TAMPOPRINT Inks and Accessories.
2. RUCO Germany
3. JUJO Japan
4. MERLIA.China

Our Forthcoming Participations
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